Origin of violent crimes

We always want what others have and in the race or fight for survival, there seem to be an unending rivalry or competition between the rich and the poor. The rich in their selfishness will rather waste their resources on animals (pets), parties and material possessions than share even a little in good causes to improve the lot of the poor. The poor on the other hand (including the unemployed) will never fold their hands and let themselves die of deprivation. For instance, to stay healthy, we must eat properly (exercise and rest) but to eat we must exchange money for the food we need or die. Whenever we fall sick, we will need money to access medical treatment or die. To live in a house, you will exchange money for building materials and labour to build one or for rent payment to hire one.

It is common knowledge that no two human beings are the same; even the so called identical twins are not 100% identical, another reason we all have different finger prints. It is common knowledge that no two destinies are the same and no human being is completely without any form of lack, weakness or deficiency. For example, some have money but no good health, some have children but no financial resources to train them, others have money but no child (barren), etc.

The seeming incompleteness or inadequacy of human beings creates a constant need to take what we see in others to complement or fill our void. This is the mother of the insatiable, greedy and selfish nature of human beings. This self-love is also heightened by the human need for survival. The race for survival of humans starts from the spermatozoa stage; that you were ever born means you survived millions of other sperm cells from your dad in the race to your mum’s ovary.
To stay alive after you are born, you must have access to the basic necessities of life. Lack of any of the basic necessities of life makes our ability to survive more difficult; it threatens our chance of survival. Those who lived most part of their lives as destitute tend to grow detached away from this life; they live carelessly and readily willing to die. They are willing to kill others to survive especially the rich who they believe have taken all available basic necessities and left them with little or nothing to live on

Money therefore as a means of exchange is at the centre of our survival as humans; the rich will do whatever they deem necessary to always have money and the poor depending on their value system may do the unthinkable including engaging in violent acts to have money like the rich. The poor erroneously tend to blame the rich for their situation and thereafter vents their anger, desperation and frustration on the rich. Security issues arise whenever the survival and source of livelihood of an individual or society is threatened. Peaceful coexistence of a society is also threatened when there is a wide margin of financial inequalities between the very wealthy and the very poor individuals in the society.

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