How to buy credencecoin, regalcoin, bitconnectcoin, westerncoin and electroneum coin


My testimony in buying crypto ICOs is unbelievable but true. Expect my video and eBook on how to succeed as a CRYPTOCURRENCY investor. With $48, or 18,000 Nigerian naira ICO of regalcoin that was seen as a scam even by members of, I made close to $4,000(four thousand US dollars) 3 months after the ICO.

Now, the ICO Scam ALERT!

Because of the success of the ICO of bitconnect, regalcoin, firstcoin, etc, there has been proliferation of crypto ICO and scammers are on the loose.

Please, please and please, STOP buying crypto ICOs for now without proper guidance or at least be very CAREFUL.

Do this instead: look for the successful ones and buy from the exchange and invest in their lending, trading or staking.

Example:  Lending $1,800.00 @ 1.48 daily interests in regalcoin for instance will pay you a monthly salary of over 280k ($26.64/9,590 naira daily or $799.2/287,712.00 naira monthly).

Bitconnect, firstcoin, westerncoin, hexdracoin and others may earn you same or more.

    1. Credencecoin is an amazing crypto lending, trading and staking platform that just got listed on mercatox exchange. It is a smart investment decision to buy some now at less than $10, soon it could be selling for $50 and you will sell to profit. To buy, register first at mercatox with my link:
    2. Firstcoin:
    3. Bitconnect:
    4. Regalcoin:
    5. Westerncoin:
    6. Hexdracoin:
    7. Bitserial(to be listed):
    8. Goldrewardcoin(ICO):
    9. Homeblockcoin(ICO):
    10. Ethconnectcoin(ICO):
    11. Hydrocoin(ICO):
    12. Microbyte(ICO):
    13. Oalendcoin(ICO):
    14. Universa(ICO):
    15. Nexcoin(ICO):
    16. Dascoin (pre-ICO for big investors from €145):

OMNIA:To register in Omnia crypto mining:

  1. click:
  2. Fill in “Sponsor Username” as: Cuteedge
  3. Select “Product” as (a) Free Package (if no money to invest yet), (b)XS paket @99 euro, Starter paket @149euro, Kickstarter Paket @549euro, etc
  4. Defult Crypto-Currency: select “Bitcoin”
  5. Crypto-Currency Wallet Address: Fill your btc wallet address or do it later
  6. Click “Next” and fill your biodata form as follows:
  7. User Name:*
  8. Password:*
  9. Confirm Password:
  10. Fill the remaining information, Click next and follow the prompt till you submit.

Whatsapp: 08023220158 for guidance and further assistance

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