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Dear Friend,

Have you, ever since you started internet marketing had any of these thoughts

pass through your head?

I’m totally confused by all the different money-making options.

I have no idea where to start.

I am paralyzed with too much information.

I have no time or money to make this business work.

I am afraid I may fail and I don’t want to fail.

I cannot wait for long to see results

There are too many distractions online

My friends and family do not support what I’m doing.

I’m not skilled or educated enough for this

I don’t think I can make enough money doing this to support my family.

This business is way too hard.

How many of these statements can you relate with?

My guess is that if you’re reading this page right now, the answer is at least

one. Probably many more, and trust me, they are very real concerns. They

are cause for alarm!

The truth is, a lot of people are in a major state of panic. They’ve turned to

the internet because they are not happy with the way things are going “out there”.

Either they’re not bringing home enough money… or they hate what they do in order

to bring that money home.

The only problem is. . .

Even online where their hope is, they are also failing… badly!


It’s totally frustrating. We NEED RESULTS and we need them FAST, right? But with

all the things you have to learn to succeed online… niche research, copywriting, product

creation, blog installation, e-cover design, website development, affiliate recruitment,

JV proposals, etc.There is such a mountain of things to learn and time to spend in

learning them that it seems like an impossibility.

So what do you do? Quit?

It’s only cowards who quit. I’ll tell you what you need, which was what I also used

when I was failing. That thing is…


My friend you need leverage.

What’s leverage you ask? Let me give you an example.

If you got a contract to fetch water from a reservoir to your state’s Government House,

and you had only one thing to do it, would you:

  1. Use buckets to carry the water?


  1. Lay pipes from the reservoir to Government house and then run the water
  2. through the pipes?

Only an idiot would choose Option A, abi?

Exactly my point. Using the option of pipes gives you LEVERAGE. The leverage

 reduces the TIME it would cost you and saves you the EFFORT and ENERGY

you would have wasted.

The reason 99% of people who enter internet marketing in Nigeria fail is because

they do not use leverage.

If you want to succeed online, you need leverage.

My name is Joe Okoro, one of the successful bloggers Nigeria has ever produced.

What makes me different from other bloggers is I don’t just blog, I am also a

seasoned Information and direct marketer. I blog in different markets and also know

how to teach it to people.

You see, ever since I started blogging some many years ago, my life has changed


I own different blogs and all of them are making a high 6 figure monthly income.

Combined, all my blogs bring in over 7 figures per month.

Today, through the power of blogging, I’m financially free. I drive 2 exotic cars, live

in a luxury apartment, own some real estate properties, spend quality time with

my wife and children and take brief holiday vacations at least twice in a year with my family.

I wake up by 7:00am every morning, decides how to spend my day without a boss

shouting at me to do their bidding. I decide whether to spend 2 hours or 4 hours on

my online business, and practically live a FREE MAN.

Some days, I don’t log into the Internet, yet, I get regular recurring income of =N=40,000

to =N=80,000 per day.

It didn’t start out that way however. I used to fail, until I discovered how to use leverage

to not only cut down the time I spent on my online activities, I also started seeing the

kind of results I wanted quicker.

Over the last 6 or so years, I have identified three key leverage points that, once you

discover them and buy or create an internet business system that takes maximum

advantage of them, Your story will change almost overnight

So without further ado, let me tell you the kinds of leverage any internet business

system you use need to have to succeed.

Leverage Point #1: You Need A Starving Crowd

You need to target a crowd of people who are hungry for some specific kind of

information. They not only want to learn more about that topic, they will stand

in line and climb each other to buy information on that topic.

Necessity and urgency lead to instant cash online. Do this right, and like me

you’ll be making millions online every month.

Leverage Point #2: You Need A Product That Will Sell For A High Amount

To That Crowd

People buy specialized information in form or videos or e-books. The more

specialized and hard to find the information, the higher the amount you can

sell it for. The higher you can sell it for, the richer you’ll get.

Leverage Point #3: You Need An Automated System To Sell Your Product

This turns prospects into buyers… then buyers into repeat buyers… with little or

no involvement from you. A complete set-it-and-forget system that grows beyond

your wildest dreams.So how on earth can you lay your hands on an internet

business system that has all of these incorporated? Introducing. . .

Premium Ready Made Blogs Plus Video Training

In 10 Hottest Niche Markets In Nigeria

I have sourced and created for you, 10 professional blogs in 10 different lucrative

niche markets in Nigeria that will help you to launch and manage your own successful

blogging and info marketing or affiliate marketing business.

On this page you can choose from one of these blog packages, and when you do that,

this is what you will get…

A Professional Blog Embedded With 8-20 Pre-written Articles (=N=40,000 Value)

A Video Training on How To Operate and Market The Blog (=N=15,000 Value)

40 Extra articles for use on your blog and auto-responder (=N=45,000 value)

   Total Value is =N=100,000

Below are the 10 SMOKING HOT Million-Naira Niche markets that people are already

making millions from.

Million Naira Niche #1: Healthy Eating

The health niche is one of the most lucrative niche markets in the world. It’s a multi-billion

dollar business niche. Most people eat junk food and fall sick every day from the effect

of bad eating.

And because they’re overweight and feeling sick all the time, they’re looking for a solution

all the time. This group of people need a simple guide on how to eat healthy, so they can

be fit, lose weight and be able to maintain their figure for as long as they live.

Million Naira Niche #2: Baby Care

Most new parents are clueless when it comes to taking care of a newly born baby. Even

the experienced parents need guides that will help them to be up to date with latest information

that will help them to train their babies.

Especially with more couples getting married while still below 30, many young or single

dads who have babies will be willing to subscribe to a newsletter giving latest information

on baby care. And they will pay for this information happily

Million Naira Niche #3: Cars

Nigerians love cars. Do you know that few people actually own a blog on how to maintain a car?

There are practically tens of thousands of millions of people who own and drive cars, yet

what you see all over the web in Nigeria is websites promoting the sales of cars, not a blog

or newsletters teaching people how to maintain their cars.

If you give away an important information product on how to get the best mileage per litre

of fuel bought, how many people do you think will buy that material?

This is a hugely profitable but under-utilized niche market that nobody is blogging about.

I know of an Australian who blogs about cars and earns $100,000 per month (N30million) doing this.

Million Naira Niche #4: Internet Marketing

The internet marketing niche is one of the most profitable niche markets in the world as

long as you have a track record of success selling products using the internet in other niches.

Using internet marketing, I have been able to make over N60million in pure profits over the

course of the last 5 years selling nothing but information products online.

Internet marketing has been responsible for the success of many youthful Nigerian millionaire

entrepreneurs you see around today.

Today making money on the Internet is the easiest way to make money and get rich. It’s a

multi-million dollar business because everyone wants to make extra money to support

himself and family.

If you can provide a value-laden training that helps people, then you will make millions

from this niche as well.

Million Naira Niche #5: Beauty & Make Up

Beauty and fashion is a female niche market and it is one of the most lucrative niche

markets we have available today.

Nigerian women are crazy about “make up” and beauty products. Their physical appearance

is their major concern. Ever wonder why every woman carries a small mirror in her purse?

It is because they use the small mirror to check on their faces all the time.

With a beauty/fashion or make up blog newsletter, you can give away tips that can help

every woman to remain beautiful, get the latest fashion bags, shoes, lipstick, creams, eye glasses.

In fact, you can be a major supplier or an affiliate to some of these physical products

and you will make continuous flow of income to your bank account as long as your

newsletters are up to date and you give away priceless tips.

Million Naira Niche #6: Real Estate

How many blogs in Nigeria do you know that blog about properties? Very few. I know

of just 2. Yet many websites you see today only sell or list properties for sell. None of

them builds relationship with their prospects.

As we many people know, real estate is the default way of getting rich. And in Nigeria

many real estate companies are making millions every month in affiliate commissions

alone. Now imagine if you blog and list latest properties on your blog for free?

Imagine having the direct contact of a buyer who wants to buy properties in Abuja for

=N=100million and the contact of the owner of such property, 10% commission will

simply translate to N10million for you for just connecting 2 people to do business.

What about rental properties? That’s another incredible income source. With your blog,

you can place adverts, sell information products, sell consulting, sell properties and

make incredible amount of money simply because blogging gives you incredible

positioning and credibility.

Million Naira Niche #7: Sports Betting

Do you know the owner of His name is Akin Alabi. Today Akin Alabi makes

over =N=500 million naira per month from sports betting here in Nigeria.

He did it because he simply own a betting website and because he is an information marketer,

he was able to make the website popular and today he owns several registered businesses

in Nigeria from the income he made from that business.

If you own a blog, you level the playing ground and you will be able to “scoop” some of

these prospects who will later become your customers.

Nigerians are “football crazy” and targeting such audience means a generous source of

income for you. You may even use your sports betting blog to become an affiliate of any

of the betting companies in Nigeria and abroad and make lots of money like others who

make hundreds of thousands per month.

You can also sell information guides on how to use football betting to make a nice chunk

of money every month. Football lovers will buy it, heck you can even accept banner adverts

on your blog on pay per advert basis, if you are getting huge traffic.

Million Naira Niche #8: Web Hosting

Web hosting is one of the very lucrative information technology niche markets you can

venture in and become successful.

Why, you ask?

Because everyday, thousands of people register domain names and hosting accounts

to set up new websites. Nigerians are becoming aware of this trend and web hosting

companies are growing bigger every year.

I know a web hosting company in Nigeria that is hosting over 500,000 Nigerian websites

as we speak. If you own a blog on web hosting, you are not going to be a hosting company,

instead you can approach any of these hosting companies in Nigeria, lots of them have

RESELLER packages.

With the reseller package, you can purchase the smallest package for about =N=10,000,

and you have the ability to sell this package to at least 60 people for =N=5,000 per year.

That is =N=300,000 when you sell all the membership, and you will go home with over

=N=250,000 as profit, with this you can upgrade to unlimited membership which goes

for less than =N=50,000. This will allow you to sell as many accounts as possible.

If you have 2000 people hosting with you, and 50% of those people continue to renew

there online presence every year at =N=5000, you have just created yourself a =N=10,000,000

per year recurring business with reseller plans (i.e without owning a hosting company).

Million Naira Niche #9: Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are getting even more popular, especially the smart ones. Most people

buy the latest phones always. When you own a blog on mobile phones, you will eventually

become the trusted solution when it comes to mobile phones.

People will ask for your recommendations before they go out to buy phones. Heck you

can become a phone dealer without having to stock phones of any type in your house.

You can just use any of the importation guides to import phones at cheaper rates and

sell to your audience at a high profit margin.

You can even partner with phone dealers and create a system that will help you to get

credit for every referral from your blog.

As a mobile phone blog owner, you can have access to Apps (mobile applications) and

sell it to your customers with a guide on how to install it on their phone.

As a blogger in this niche, you can easily integrate any website that sells SMS credits

and get your customers to buy and bring you customers as well.

You can also sell information products on how to browse for free using mobile devices

if you have such information. You can sell information on how to make money using

mobile phones if you also have the information.

In fact your options are endless, as long as what you are marketing is congruent to

people who use mobile phones everyday, it will sell very well.

Million Naira Niche #10: Computers

Have you ever seen a computer blog? Yes there are countless of computer blogs on

the web, but there are few of them in Nigeria. And most of the ones you see are

hosted on a free blog platform.

The computer business is a very good business. Many dealers are making a ton

of money selling and repairing computers. That is why we have computer centres

and markets in nearly all the states of the country.

How can you profit with a computer blog?

Well, today computer is becoming a household appliance just as the TV is.

Many people own iPads, Laptops, Desktop PCs, tablets, and smart-phones etc.

Your blogging on this niche should be focused on maintenance, acquisition,

repairs, and advice on all of these electronics.

That means you have opportunities to sell very good antivirus CDs, recommend

where to fix or repair laptops, you can even help your readers to get refurbished

laptops/computers for cheap and make a nice chunk of change in the process.

You can also sell information products on computer maintenance, cheap importation

guide, guides on networking of computers, computing, sales, maintenance and repairs.

So that’s the info-marketing part of this business package.

The blogging component which automates your selling and generates even

more income comes with the following features:

* Quick and Easy Installation. This blog comes with a premium plugin that will

allow you to easily install the whole blog package in practically less than 10 minutes.

* Easy Ad Management. This blog has a custom made admin panel that will allow

you to quickly and easily copy and paste your own ad codes, affiliate links, and

banner promotions. Simply add your AdSense code and affiliate ID’s. No more

wasting hours and hours trying to locate where to put your ad links.

Each blog package comes pre-loaded with:

* Complete Installation Guide –

* 20 Pre-Installed Articles – each blog comes with 20 articles which are

already integrated as part of the complete website.

* Bonus Articles – Included with each Niche Blog are PLR articles as bonus.

It comes in .txt and .doc format. You have full PLR rights with these articles.

You can sell, give away, and re-use any way you like.

* Its Own Logo – If you want to make the blog’s logo unique for “branding”

purposes, a PSD file for each blog is included for easy editing.

* It’s Own Design – each blog uses eye catching graphics, perfect placement

of ads and functional readable content to make sure that every blog is easy

on the readers eyes.

* Video Page – the latest and most relevant videos from YouTube that are

related to the website niche have also been added to keep your visitors

educated and entertained.

* SEO – Each blog is search engine friendly. I enhanced the original settings

to ensure the proper use of tags and permalink settings.

* WordPress Settings – Each blog is using the latest version of WordPress –

the Internet’s premier blogging platform. Fundamental plugins such Akismet,

All-In-One SEO, Contact Form, and many more are all pre-configured so

you don’t need to spend hours attacking your WordPress dashboard.

*WP-Import – Included in each blog is the WP-Import Plugin. You can

use this plugin to upload in bulk tens or even hundreds of articles into

your blog and schedule it.

These niche blogs have been optimized to the highest level for:

* AdSense – The colours blended into the 300 x 250 AdSense blocks

have been strategically integrated into the sidebar as well as 336 x 300

blocks in the individual posts (you can also insert your Clickbank code here).

This placement will ensure a maximum click-through rate and give you a

great stream of passive income.

* Clickbank – Integrated Products. Just add your Clickbank ID from the Admin

panel. I have also included an AdSense-like Clickbank units in the sidebar.

This gives the opportunity to have higher earnings.

* Amazon – Integrated Amazon store on every post. Simply add your own

Amazon ID from the Theme Control Panel.

Nigerian Affiliates – In the training videos for this blog, I teach you how to

customize the blog with your own banners and links in case you want to

market to only Nigerians. You can actually replace all the Clickbank,

Amazon and Adsense links with banners for Nigerian made products and services.

Unbelievable value…but you must take action now

What I’m offering you today has the power to change your life at every level.

This is real, the kind of business new marketers wish they have when they start online.

Because with it in your hands. . .

You no longer need to

  1. Install a blog.It has been done for you.
  2. Write articles.40 Extra articles have been written for you!
  3. Design a Professional Blog.It has been done for you.

With this package, you automatically save time and save labour

  • You save all the manual labour involved.

It takes loads of effort and hard-work to get all of the above done, not to

mention you need to have the skills to do them.

Acquiring this skill will take several weeks or months of learning to master

them, and hours upon hours of hard work.

Why do hardwork, when you can be smart?

Just do the sensible thing.

Grab these blog packages and you can start making money in 7 days

or less because everything has already been done for you.

And if you are wondering whether these products will actually change

your life, here are few email testimonies of people who have benefited

from my products, advices, and newsletters.
Again here’s what you get
1.A Professional Blog Embedded With 20 Pre-written Articles (=N=40,000 Value)
2.    A Video Training on How To Operate and Market The Blog (=N=15,000 Value)
3.    40 Extra articles for use on your blog and auto-responder (=N=45,000 value)
So we’re looking at total value of =N=100,000 value for each blog selected
But I care about you. And I need your testimonial.

So I could never charge you =N=100,000 naira for this.
I won’t also charge you =N=50,000 or even =N=25,000.
Over the next couple of weeks you can get this package for just
Yes, =N=20,000 for each one
Plus FREE Installation [Limited Time]

You’ll Be Responsible For Domain & Hosting
You will register your choice domain name with a reliable hosting

company. Ensure that the hosting platform is CPANEL hosting. If

you don’t know of any reliable hosting company on Cpanel, then

we can do it for you at extra =N=10,000). This registration will

be valid for one year, at the end of which you may renew it.
Once you register a domain name, and hosting, simply forward

me your Cpanel hosting details to take advantage of the limited

time Free Installation. [We will start charging N2,500 for

installation as we used to do for others in the past].

I just want you to try this package

Give it an honest try. And if you ever need any help, please feel

free to email me and I will gladly take you by the hand and help

you put this powerful stuff in action!  Your success is my success.

So get on and get this at the low price. You won’t find it at this price,

this time next week. Simple follow the payment instructions below

to get it before the price goes up.

Summarily here are your options to order the Niche blogs and products

  1. One Niche Blog + Training VideosN15,000 [This is Launch Price]
  2. Two Niche Blogs + Training VideosN25,000 [Free Installation] [Save N5,000]
  3. Three Niche Blogs + Training VideosN30,000 [Free Installation] [Save N15,000]

So you will either pay N15,000, or N25,000, or N30,000, depending on your choice of selection.

.Here’s How To Order

Pay Via Direct Bank Deposit Here
Note: You may also pay via Internet bank transfers if you have access to that facility. Just send us the transaction Id along with the other details below.
Account Name:
Anthony Cute Co.

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All the details above should be sent with the SUBJECT title:
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Remember, wealth is reserved for those who attract it. And action takers tend to attract a
whole lot of it! Right now, you have a golden opportunity to become a world-class action taker.
Invest in this great online business blog package. Set it up using my simple video guide.
But most importantly, take action!
Follow the plan I’ve laid out for you. I have no doubt it will serve you very well.
Till we talk again.
Anthony Onyemaechi
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