It is often said that behind every evil is the greed and love of money far above the love of our fellow human being. A man who is jobless or financially insecure will need to survive somehow or die of hunger or sickness due to lack of means to access food and medical attention. For instance, the cause of the insecurity and loss of lives in Syria today is neither religious nor political. Farmers who were displaced by extreme drought, moved en-mass to the cities; the struggle for survival led to mass protests that led to the death of thousands, terrorism, and…


The poor youth is deceived to join cults for financial support from rich adult sponsors or youths who needs security or protection by the poor. Youths are enticed with money to become thugs and lay their lives down for the rich adults, youths, politicians, etc. Youths are enticed and recruited for violent acts including armed robbery, kidnapping and terrorism on the promise of financial rewards and a better future of financial security.


In Nigeria today, there is hardly any part of the country that our youths are not engaged in violent acts. So what are the characteristics of youths that could end up in violent acts?

  1. Youths who lacks parental model, family value system and upbringing
  2. Youths that are yet to accept responsibility for their lives now and in the future
  3. Youths who do not have laudable personal goals that could keep them focused away from violent and self-destructive acts.
  4. Youths who are yet to attach value to their lives
  5. Youths who do not have anything to live for

How Rich Child Smart Child will help in Societal Security through our youths

It is true that those who recruit youths for violent acts try to catch them young. What is learnt at an early age is very difficult to change. Six years is the enlistment age for the initiative but we recently accepted a request from a mother to register a 2 years old child. We hope to get our children actively involved in creating a future they desire to see instead of leaving it entirely in the hands of their parents or the government.

  1. We will help children to first take responsibility for their lives and financial future
  2. We will teach them not to grow up blaming their parents or the government for anything
  3. We will teach them the principle of “pay yourself first” instead of the spend and save later attitude
  4. We will teach them to recognize assets and liabilities; increase friends who add value(assets) and reduce peers who have nothing productive to offer(liabilities)
  5. Help them to start saving early and to open a child trust fund investment account
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