dascoin scam or cryptocurrency game changer

Introducing Dascoin, the cryptocurrency game changer!

If you ignored every other crypto investment opportunity, do not miss dascoin. I will not say it a second time.

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Dascoin is the first digital currency created for global mainstream transaction utilising MasterCard and visa card platforms. It is your access point to the DasNet ecosystem including:

  1. A Powerful Dashboard: Complete visibility over your funds and a range of informative analytics
  2. DasExchange: Trade DasCoin and WebEuros via the DasExchange
  3. Debit Card: Top up and withdraw from your account effortlessly
  4. Additional Exchanges: Access additional exchanges right from your WebWallet
  5. DasPay: Pay for goods and services with your DasCoin at over 60 million locations worldwide
  6. Expanded DasExchange: Exchange DasCoin for a variety of digital currencies via the DasExchange
  7. Smart Contracts: Exchange your Cycles for smart contract services
  8. Leverage Your DasCoin: Maximize the value of your assets with unique credit opportunities

You may be aware that some of the most powerful assets in the world today are digital assets otherwise known as digital currency or cryptocurrency. Another example of digital currency is Bitcoin. While fiat currencies (dollar, pound, euro, Naira,etc) depreciate in value over time because of constant printing of money by government, digital currencies have the tremendous capability to grow exponentially in value resulting to stupendous wealth because its got fixed supply with growing demand.

In 2010, Bitcoin (the first digital currency) was sold at around $0.10 per coin. Today, it’s about $6000 per coin. A boy bought $27 worth of Bitcoin in 2010, and found out in 2014 that it was worth $886,000. Can this be said about the dollars, Euros, Pounds or the Naira? Check the value of these fiat currencies in 2010 and compare it with the value today. They’ve lost significant value.

But the digital currency world has a big challenge – the lack of easy means of spending these Crypto currencies. Bitcoin only has about 500,000 outlets globally that accept it, and most times you need to look for people or outlets that accept Bitcoin.

But Dascoin has come as a solution to this issue, partnering with Carta Worldwide, patent owners of MasterCard and visa card platform, (and designers of Apple pay, android pay, pay pal point of sale) to bring Crypto currency spendability to the global mainstream with over 60million merchants, retailers and platforms on this network globally. Dascoin will be utilized on all ATM’s with MasterCard and visa card technology for withdrawal of fiat currencies and will be utilized on all MasterCard and visa card POS globally for payment for goods and services.

Apart from the fact that this is a very exciting feature of Dascoin, it’s got a robust compensation plan where advocates can earn weekly in 3 ways for those who are passionate about helping expand the Dasnetwork by sharing the opportunity with other people.

To join Dascoin now is just like joining Facebook in 2004 or Bitcoin in 2009.

We are preparing bedrock of trust that will unlock prosperity for all through the digital paradigm.

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