Cryptocurrencies to Earn You Money While You Sleep1

There are numerous of ways to earn money in the cryptocurrency space, including, long-term investments, day-trading, arbitrage etc. A little known fact (especially for newcomers), is that certain cryptocurrencies allow you to earn a passive income; merely money that you earn without doing much to earn it. Before proceeding, I’d like to quote Warren Buffett — “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”.

In this post, I will highlight 1 cryptocurrencies that allow you to do exactly this.

CRYPTO ONE STOP SOLUTION (COSS) is an “exchange token” and these have been gaining popularity over the past few months. COSS works as follows —Every transaction executed on the exchange carries a small fee (between 0.04–0.2% depending on each individual’s trading volume), for both the price maker and taker. Half of the fees will then be placed into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which are then distributed to COSS Token holders at the end of the week. These dividends are paid out in the respective tokens that the transaction was executed, i.e. if the transaction was on the ETH/OMG pair, you would receive an ETH and OMG payout, instead of COSS.

Depending on where you store your COSS tokens, the procedure to receive your payout is slightly different:

If your COSS tokens are stored on the exchange, then nothing extra is required. The payouts will happen automatically every week (which are cumulative and you can claim with a few clicks).

If you use an external wallet for storing your COSS tokens (i.e. MyEtherWallet) then you would need to execute a particular function in the COSS Token smart-contact.

Get COSS from these premium exchanges:

  1. io (COSS): Earn weekly dividends on all trading pairs in proportion to your COSS holding and based on the 30-day trading volume in USD, 10% of your referrals volume also count as your volume. To Register Click:
  2. io: Earn passive income on selected crypto assets and get 10% off discount on all your trading fees for 12 months! Sign up using my referral code, Click:
  3. com: Earn passive income on selected crypto assets and get 20% trading commission from trades of refeerals.! Sign up using my referral code, Click:

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