Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co now also at the POST

bitpanda to go“ allows a fast, safe and inexpensive access to Bitcoin and Co.

Starting on July 10th, you can now purchase Bitcoins and other digital currencies quickly, safely and at a favourable price via “bitpanda to go” in all 1,800 Post branches all over Austria. At any of these locations, you can change cash into Bitcoins worth 50 €, 100 € or 500€. You will then receive a code on a receipt, which can be entered on There you can also see the current exchange rates for the respective currency. Those prices are final and no further fees will be charged.

An account with a valid E-Mail address is all you need. You select the chosen digital currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash or Litecoin and after entering the code, within seconds the amount of your chosen currency will be transferred into your wallet.

Through the cooperation with the ‚Österreichische Post AG‘ the offline purchase of digital currencies has never been so safe and easy before.

The cooperation between Europe’s leading cryptocurrency platform and the traditional ‘Österreichische Post AG’ which has the best distribution network, proves the fact, that Bitcoin is no longer only a topic of a small community, but is now triggering a fundamental breakthrough in the economy and society.

Among other things, the main goal of bitpanda was to offer fair prices for the “offline” purchase of Bitcoins. With the ‘Österreichische Post AG’ as a partner, it allows them to offer the digital assets at cost. This means, that the fee structure by “offline” purchases via cash is finally aligned with the inexpensive “online” conditions. Thus, the currencies manage to step further away from their somewhat dubious image and towards a popular and accepted investment and payment method.

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