Innovative Telecoms Opportunity from piuni

I introduce to you PIUNI INTERNATIONAL,a Telecom Company into universal mobile topup and Financial service Company into Bill payments and in kind services.Founded by Top leaders with several years of combined experience in diverse company and multidimensional abilities in building successful organizations around the world.We are on a MISSION to “create physical evidences of success in the lives of ordinary people across the globe”. We create possibilities around every individual with our value transfer services and cutting edge products with a VISION to become the world’s leading company creating innovative solutions to everyday problems.

We have created a unique opportunity to allow our members to take advantage of the fastest growing Mobile Top up industry and other lifestyle products and services.

You can enjoy this opportunity as customer, agent or affiliate by signing up at
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Welcome to the world of PIUNI. WE create possibilities where others don’t believe could ever exist! Imagine a world …

A.Where everyone around you are potential Customers, Clients and Business Associates

B.Where everything around you(phone,cars,contacts and calendars) are converted to Business tools

C.And everywhere you found yourself becomes a marketplace.


Our FLASHY Products

1.U- top up(universal mobile topup/Value transfer services)Top up mobile phones worldwide and pay Bills for hundreds of services. Credit value that works in all phones,600 carriers, network in 140 countries. Our system was built for people in diaspora to send credit home.We leverage on 6 billion people (phones).Note:We have 9companies in the universal mobile topup industry but PIUNI is the only one using multilevel marketing.

  1. U-SIM(hardware)-One sim having two or more network that can link with 3lines(U.K lines,U.S lines and local lines.)

3.U-CARD- Scratch card for top up that you can purchase for all network

4.U-PAY,5.U ACCEPT– Payment solution

6.U-CHAT :Social platform just like whatsap but has more function for free calls,video calls,conference call like Skype, can send and receive money also once you have it.

7.INKIND : Value Transfer Service for humanitarian support.



Mobile, Internet, TV/Music, Electricity, Water,Gas/Fuel, Transportation, Education, Insurance.

Your value offered to humanity=Your prosperity=Your Freedom

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