When I returned from Vietnam in 1973 I knew things were going to be tough. I had no
job, no money, and no assets. I was starting with nothing.
All I had in 1973 was the dream of someday being very rich and my rich dad’s
guidance to become an investor.
While reading this eBook, notice when your thoughts are often 180 degrees out from
the guiding thoughts of my rich dad. Rich dad said, “One of the reasons so few people
become rich is that they become set in one way of thinking. They think there is only
one way to think or do something. While the average investor thinks, ‘Play it safe and
don’t take risks,’ the rich investor must also think about how to improve skills so he or
she can take more risks.”
Rich dad called this kind of thinking, “Thinking on both sides of the coin.” He went on,
saying, “The rich investor must have more flexible thinking than the average investor.
For example, while both the average investor and rich investor must think about safety,
the rich investor must also think about how to take more risks. While the average
investor thinks about cutting down debt, the rich investor is thinking about how to
increase debt. While the average investor lives in fear of market crashes, the rich
investor looks forward to market crashes. While this may sound like a contradiction to
the average investor, it is this contradiction that makes the rich investor rich.”
As you read through this eBook, be aware of the contradictions in thinking between
average investors and rich investors. As rich dad said, “The rich investor is very aware
that there are two sides to every coin. The average investor sees only one side. And it
is the side the average investor does not see that keeps the average investor average
and the rich investor rich.

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