Cryptocurrencies money makers in Nigeria

Be a smart investor as the Bitcoin history repeats itself in swisscoin, onecoin, The Billion Coins (TBC) and Global Coin Community Help (GCCH). Never forget Bitcoin in 2009 was sold at 1 cent and now each is valued at over 700USD.

SWISSCOIN: As the Bitcoin history repeats itself in Swisscoin, never forget Bitcoin in 2009 was sold at 1 cent and now each is valued at over 700USD. Swisscoin goes around the world – more than 4oo ooo user in just 4 months – international convention on February 4th in Dubai/UAE – Public Offering 2o17 – 100 Freecoins for one Million User. Get your 100 FREE coins, register for FREE at OR  here:

YOU WILL DEFINITELY THANK ME LATER…SWISSCOIN Packages starts from €50(35k), €100(65k), €250, etc  FOR FREE REGISTRATION, Send me your:

  1. Full name
  2. Date of birth
  3. ID number (National ID No. Or Driver’s number, or Voter’s number or International passport
  4. Expiry date
  5. Address
  6. Phone number
  7. Email address
  8. Username (create one)
  9. Password (create one)

After registration, you need to do the following:

  1. Login to your swisscoin account and click on Basic Data, then my data to complete your personal information.
  2. Click my data, then KYC to upload your ID and address proof
  3. Choose a membership package to buy Immediately (it ranges fro 25euro or 17,500 naira, 50euro or 35,000 naira, 100euro or 70,000 naira), up to 10,000euro.. Pay the money into my account, send me your login details and i will buy the package for you and load your account.
  4. Recruit only 3 downlines and help them to do all you have done and you will be swimming in euro in a very short time by God’s grace.
  5. Please add me on whatsapp as 08023220158 so i can add you and your downlines into our whatsapp group.


: I cannot keep this secret anymore. Close to 2 months ago, someone offered me TBC for 4,000 naira per coin, i was busy building my mmm team. A month later, one TBC was selling for 42,000naira and someone had mercy on me and sold me 20 TBC for 340,000(17k each). Today sunday December 12, 2016, TBC is selling on the global market for 104,800.00 naira!

Now you can get 1000TBC for N100,792,368.66. Today 11th of December 2016. By Jan 23rd, 2017, 1 TBC will exchanging for up to €1300 (N550,000) If you do the maths that will turn your 1000TBC into N550m.

Its a stakeholder opportunity. Imagine what you will do with N550m. Plot of land, car, school fees, rent, houses etc. For just N100,792,368.66 Take the advantage. Price updates every day by 1pm. You can also buy 500tbc @N50,396,184.33 or 250tbc @N25,198,092.17 or 100tbc @N10,079,236.87 or 50tbc @N5,039,618.43 or 10tbc @N1,007,923.69 1tbc @N100,792.37. For kringles of 1tbc, 1m kringles is N1,007.92, 5m kringles is N5,039.62, 10m kringles is N10,079.24, 50m kringles is N50,396.18. Kringles are fractions of TBC just as Kobo is Naira.

Today’s update brings to your awareness that, if you can’t afford one TBC, you can conveniently go for fractions (Kringles) and it will still yeild to millions after the Ultimate price is reached.

0.001TBC = 100,000kringles now, it will be $1,000,000 by this time next year as predicted. Contact me now, TBC PRICE RISES BY 4% DAILY, DELAY IS UNPROFITABLE!

ONECOIN: Onecoin launched in September 2014 @ 0.10Euro and today sells @ 7.85Euro and analysts predicts would sell for 10Euro by Dec 31st,2016, 25 Euro by Feb ,2017 and 100 Euro by Feb 2018 before mining ends.
This is a unique opportunity for action takers; don’t leave yourself out:
Come & learn: How to join onecoin miners. How to build your team and earn Euro weekly. How to execute short, medium and long term investment strategy with onecoin.
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MMM: Dear friends, when I first posted on the mmm community life changing opportunity in the month of June, 2016, so many people were afraid of it being real. The warning of SEC and CBN rather than deterring people from joining resulted in massive registrations, today MMM is over one year old and those waiting for its crashing will be disappointed; they will wait for a very long time. What is mmm? How does mmm work? CLICK on sound cloud, you can listen to the audio and LEARN how “mm pays”30% per month on all DONATIONS.For MMM FREE registration, click here:

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