Our ambit of operation in Business consulting covers Accounting and management process reengineering. In accounting, our services includes: Financial advice & filing,  Audits, Writing up books, balancing books, Bank Reconciliation, Financial statements, Software setup & training, Software implementation, Implementation retainer (monthly), Tax related issues, Management & systems advice, Investigations, etc. We also offer to help achieve high productivity by effective and efficient mix of resources available to the business with other services related to business but not restricted to all the aforementioned services.

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  1. I want to start registering my customers please give me the authority or tell me what I should do.

    • Dear Applicant,
      kindly print the attached forms, fill one applicant’s profile and two guarantor’s forms per your sent locations.
      Send us all the info requested below and if you are within our lagos territories (Island, lekki, epe, Yaba, Ebutte meta, etc) we will request for mtn device for you. When the devices are ready, we will invite you to our outreach centre at 30,lawanson road, surulere, lagos to pick them up. You will be expected to pay a deployment/ registration fee of 10k. However, if you are outside Lagos you will need to acquire your personal laptop of 2gb ram and 2.0ghz processor speed, a thumbprint(12k), mtn fastlink with data sim(10k), deployment/registration fee of 8k and installation fee of 2k Finally, you will need to bring your laptops to our outreach centre at 30,lawanson road, surulere, lagos for configuration.
      Your device or laptop will only be deployed after you have submitted the appropriate forms(with copies of ids, utility bill, etc) as requested on the forms attached.

      Anthony Amalokwu
      The gsm networks of mtn, etisalat, airtel and globacom needs certain prerequisites before you can function as a sim registration agent as follows:
      1. Apply through the gsm networks of mtn, etisalat, airtel and globacom or their partners for a sim registration kit that consist of a computer or android device, finger print scanner and a camera device
      2. Alternatively, buy a laptop that has at least a 2gb RAM and 2.0 (above)GHZ processor speed, finger print scanner and a camera device
      3. You will also need a proper shop (detailed address of the shop) as the use of umbrellas at bus stops is being discouraged as this may have contributed to the evil of dirty phone subscribers.
      4. Your full name
      5. Contact phone number
      6. The business you are currently doing in the said shop address
      7. Business or shop name
      8. State and territory you want to operate
      9. How many laptops you have for configuration in case we are unable to provide you with the free kits
      10. Past experience(if any) in SIM registration

      This is to enable us send our staff to come for verification. If your shop meets the requirement, we will immediately process your request to enable you start off immediately. Also send the above information as text to 08038482635.

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