Breaking a Jewish prosperity Code

…a food for thought for today’s believers

History shows that the Jewish people did not always experience success, prosperity and wealth. They have been dismantled as a nation, pillaged and robbed by the world, persecuted, killed and trampled underfoot throughout Europe. They have suffered poverty and shame. The Jews were a people without a country for more than three thousand years. Yet wherever they sojourned they prospered and flourished. They possess a promise from God for success, influence, wealth and riches.

If the Jews were going to survive as a people within a people, a nation within a nation or a state within a state and provide self-discipline, they needed a creative and unparalleled social organizational system…A COMMUNITY.

THE COMMUNITY CODE: The social organizational systems provided on several levels by Jewish leaders are as follows:

  1. Minyan (in Hebrew): Any time ten Jewish males over 13 years of age lived within walking distance, they have to establish a religious community to support each other in their spiritual, financial and social needs. In our Christian language we can call it a house fellowship or care cell.
  2. The Community: As soon as 120 Jewish males over 13 years of age lived within walking distance, they have the authority to establish a social community, including a court of their own to adjudicate disputes amongst themselves (read 1cor.6:4-6). Every community had to impose taxes upon itself in addition to those taxes demanded by the state. This levy is to make the community self-supportive so that at no time would there be any need to go to a pagan or Christian government for financial help.

USE OF TAXES COLLECTED: The money was used mainly for education and charity (welfare).

Education: The community was responsible for providing universal basic education. This education was to be FREE to the fatherless, orphans and to all who were in need. It was compulsory for boys and encouraged girls to go beyond just reading and writing. The law stated that the salaries for teachers must be good to make the teaching profession attractive and honourable unlike in the Christian world of today.

Charity (welfare): No one could go hungry (read Acts 2:44-45). Charity had to be provided with dignity to all needy and to anyone demanding it. No Jew must ever ask for charity from the state, only from his own Jewish community.

An understanding and widespread adoption of the Jewish community culture all over the world will undoubtedly change lives in a dimension unknown to the Gentile world. The Gentile world and especially the continent of Africa is dominated by selfishness that gave birth to diverse injustices including the unfair financial system. Selfishness in our culture is the father of all our economic woes and widespread poverty and destitution. In Nigeria for instance, you will find a great number of the nation’s poorest citizens from parts of the country that produced the top ranking millionaires (money bags)in Africa.

However, mmm in a way is leveraging on the principles of the Jewish Community ideology as summarized above to better the lot of Nigerians and citizens of every nation that it exists. Why therefore is the government and her agencies, media houses and the financial system fighting mmm?

  1. Because of the lack of understanding of principles of a community
  2. Because those put in power by money does not want their slaves to be free
  3. Because the selfish will never favour a communal lifestyle like in Acts 2:42-45
  4. Because those who are hiding under religion to condemn mmm do not have scriptural backings and will not let their congregation know that they are speaking from their selfish human spirit and not from the Holy Spirit of the living God neither do they have direct instruction from God.
  5. If the believers today frowns on the Jewish Community principle on the use of money and caring for her members but continued to spread selfishness and greed, why will they embrace mmm that is built on the principles of community or what is now called crowd funding in financial language.


MMM is changing lives in unimaginable dimension; it is helping many cushion the effects of the hash economic climate in Nigeria. In MMM, money is redistributed among the Community members only. Being honest is the main priority for the Community because MMM was created not for getting richer but to make financial relations between people fairer. Those who wish it to crash are shocked to see their businesses crash, salaries cut and many of them sacked!(BACK TO SENDER!). What’s mmm? CLICK listen to the audio & LEARN how “mm pays”30% per month on all DONATIONS.REGISTER with link WHATSAPP:08023220158 for all your  Questions and I will gladly answer them

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